Junioravdelingen i rugby jobber kontinuerlig for å gjøre rugby kjent for alle, siden det foreløpig er en liten sport i Norge. Onsdag 19. april 2017 hadde vi derfor en introduksjon til rugby for studenter som utdanner seg til å bli gymlærere på Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (HiOA). Nedenfor følger en rapport fra et vellykket rugbyarrangement på Voldsløkka. Kevin Gormley, en av trenerne i junioravdelingen til Sagene IF Rugby, oppsummerer dagen slik:

Sagene Rugbys Juniordepartment took on one of their more ambitious coaching plans to date by contacting Pål Jåbekk at HiOA and suggesting that we take a training session with their student gym teachers who are doing their first year of their bachelorsdegree «Faglærerutdanning i kroppsøving og idrettsfag» Coaches from Sagene and Blindern Rugby Clubs are already involved in the Schools Project coaching students in schools in the Sagene/ Voldsløkka catchment area and are setting up to coach teachers at some of these schools also.

When Pål was contacted through Elin Longva, leader of the working group in Sagene IF Rugby with the suggestion and contact details, he was very positive and a date and time was set. Contact was made with Chris Spencer (SRK) at NRF, again the plan was met with positivity and a guide to receiving funding was sent to us. As there was the possibility of up to sixty students taking part they were broke into 2 groups, Group 1 from 11:30 to 13:00, Group 2 13:00 to 14:30.

As so often happens with seemingly well planned activities there is room for crisis, this came in the form of a missing key to get into the storage room to get rugby balls, this was discovered to be the case at 10:40 and a distress signal was send out to all coaches. The situation was quickly calmed by none other than our Youth Rugby Leader John Michael Moulton saying I'm on the bus, balls and all. So not only did the session get the much-needed balls but also gained John Michael who stayed to join in turning a seemingly crisis into a very successful day as was shown in the very good feedback that we got from the students.

The session itself was broken into an introduction and history of the sport, basis passing and movement of the ball and then Tag Rugby games using the passing techniques practiced earlier. Many of the students come from varying disciplines of sports i.e. soccer, track and fields, long-distance and orienteering and American Football but once the strange concept of passing the ball backwards to go forward was overcome I found myself refereeing a number of very highly competitive Tag matches with all players contributing to their team - this certainly strengthens the idea that rugby is for all and caters to each person's strengths and abilities. The session got its best feedback from Pål Jåbekk who upon arriving back at his office contacted Sagene RK about the possibility of 2 further sessions in the next semester with the same groups of students with the school funding the coaches. So from an early setback to a positive solution, successful training session to good feedback we now have new friends in HiOA.


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Søndag 27. november samler vi troppene til årlig fest for alle medlemmer. Vi møtes til trening fra kl 13 til 14. Deretter går vi alle sammen på Peppes Pizza i Nydalen og spiser. Foreldre og søsken er selvsagt hjertelig velkomne denne dagen. Det er bare å glede ...
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On Friday the12th of June twelve brave young souls ventured into unchartered territories, when they travelled to Sweden to compete in the Viking Cup. For many of them this would be their first Rugby game ever, however their grim faces did not show this. The preparations on Friday were quite simple, play to our strengths of tackling and speed. As stated earlier most of these boys had never competed against other teams, so we had a simple game plan which anyone could stick to, Tackle, Tackle and more Tackling.
The first game of the day was against the old enemy, Stockholm exiles, one of the teams who beat Sagene at the last tournament Sweden. The game started off slow with Stockholm taking an early lead and capitalising on many Sagene mistakes. When the half time whistle sounded we were down by 5 tries, however something changed and when we went on for the second half the boys lifted, only allowing 3 tries in against one of the best teams in Sweden. The boys put their bodies on the line and we picked up our first injury with a slight concussion and bruised ribs when Jo Garbo put his body on the line to stop one of the Exiles boys and prevent a certain try. The boys had some lunch, regathered and started preparations for our second game against Venasborg.
Similar to the first game we didn't switch on until the second half. We fought on valiantly but ended up going down to one of the best teams in Sweden, Malmo. One of the highlights of the game was Ludvik Slipersæter who without any fear put his body on the line to stop Malmo´s biggest player, it was a David and Goliath battle in this tackle , 65kg vs 94kg with David prevailing with the tackle. In addition our captain Eilif Akerjordet breaking 7 tackles to almost score a try, an incredible sight to see. The team gathered for dinner, where we ended up having a quiz created by their coach. A lot of things were learnt during the quiz, their Australian coach didn't know the capital of New Zealand, one team thought the USSR was still a country and AC/DC was an American band. The morning rose on the second day of competition with the team fired up and ready to go. Our first game was against Vanesbrog, the champions of Sweden for under 18s. We new it would be a big task to knock off the top team and stuck to our original game plan. The game did not end up going our way with a heavy defeat and some of the boys picked up injuries, with two players having to leave the field with a twisted ankle and bruised rib. However, one thing our team never lost is our team spirit, which I would say was one of the highlights of the weekend, which made our team very popular with the other players and coaches.
The time had come for our last game of the tournament, which was up against the tournament favorites, The Highlanders, a team from Scotland. This would have to be our best game, we out tackled and even stole the ball many times off the oppositions in Rucks, technical rugby word. This game had plenty of highlights, Ole Garbo scoring a try, Sindre Sandgrid making great runs and Chris Bernhardt souring through the air to make great catches off the opposition kicks. We ended up losing the game, but it was our closest game and the boys played their hearts out.
The weekend was a huge success for the team learning and team bonding. To finish off the weekend we all dined in style at the Max burger on the way home! Special thanks go to the parents who drove up the boys and to our own Steven Spielberg, Sonia Gjesdal who captured all the action on her camera. The team is excited for the next tournaments coming up in Autumn after the Summer break. We hope to see some more new faces as well at training.

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